trombonist, cantaor flamenco, composer



In my lessons you can learn how to play the trombone as well as getting started in the style of your choice: jazz, classical or flamenco. I also offer flamenco singing and/or cajón lessons.

I will teach my students the technical basic skills, knowledge of jazz, bebop, modern jazz, and related styles, such as latin jazz, fusion and flamenco if requested. Furthermore, I will teach them ensemble playing, section playing, and lead playing.

I will do this ideally in weekly 60-minute lessons, in which the most important subjects are technique and improvisation, aside from building repertoire and practicing scales, arpeggios, and interval structures.
For experienced students, I will also stimulate them to develop an individual style. Among other things by using the ’horizontal improvisation’, stressing the connections between chords. We will also practice focussing and remaining focussed while playing.

I also offer Skype lessons on demand. Face-to-face lessons will be done at my place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Rates (excl. BTW):

25,00 euro per 30 min.

30,00 euro per 45 min.

40,00 euro per 60 min.